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litigation Research

Fair and honest work deserves fair and honest pay. We provide FLSA litigation consulting support, offering evaluation of payroll and timekeeping data, expert testimony, and critique of expert reports. Using sophisticated quantitative analysis, we produce calculations for personal and commercial awards and damages.

Price Modeling

Building models – useful models – is second nature for our firm.  We have built artificially intelligent tools for the military, we have built models to estimate demand and price elasticity, to estimate risks associated with developing new software and failure rates of spy satellites.  We have built short run and long run cost models, and financial models for investment firms.  We know our statistics.  But we also know that the most sophisticated tools are not always the best, and we know when and how to keep it simple. 

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Why are you doing what you are doing? Does it target the right markets and offer the best value? If you heard the John Wanamaker quote "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half,” we can analyze your ad campaign data to determine the total profitability attributed to the ads. We will answer the questions!

Business analytics

Are  your sales dropping?  Should you enter another market or launch a new line of business?  How many customers will you have next year?  Where will your competitors hit, and how?  What are your costs, really?  We do these analyses, and we do them with numbers.  No MBA mumbo-jumbo or a collection of words.  We extract information from data and put it in a form that is useful to you.

Data Cleaning

Garbage in means garbage out. Bad data leads to false conclusions and flawed decisions. We will search through your data, and correct inaccuracies, verify completeness, investigate inconsistencies. Your data will be returned with integrity. 

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